Temporary Car Insurance

It is not so long ago that the only car insurance that is available was yearly policies, which you had to buy even if you only needed cover for a short period. A lot of people had bad experiences buying car insurance too! The inevitable result was a huge number of people taking the risk of driving without proper insurance cover and the almost inevitable result was a great increase in the number of accidents in which the person judged to be at fault was actually uninsured. Since the insurers themselves eventually had to foot the bill for a large number of these accidents it was only a matter of time before short term policies came into being and there are a number of options available now for people who wish to have cover for anything between a day or so or several months.

Short term policies are not very popular with most insurers which is hardly surprising because they will always want to stay with a tried and tested formula - insurance people are like that - and there is a lot more profit to be made out of a yearly policy which is more than likely renewed at the end of every year despite the inevitable increase in premiums. Nevertheless a few specialist insurers have come along and filled the gap. Naturally, on a day-by-day basis a short term policy is more expensive than a yearly one so they are not, and were never meant to be, a substitute for a normal annual one but used wisely under the right circumstances they can prove to be a good, worthwhile purchase.

One word of caution. A number of people have bought short term policies in the past and used them to tax their cars; and after the policies have expired they have continued to drive, illegally, without insurance cover. This is not only a very dangerous thing to do from the legal standpoint, with draconian penalties for those who get caught; not only could the cost of an uninsured claim for the damages and injuries that could be caused in an accident; but also it could make it very difficult for a miscreant to get any sort of car insurance at any sort of price in the future. But then you wouldn't dream of risking that, would you.


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